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Worshiping God By Worshiping Our Bodies

The best way to change our minds is to change our habits.  Habits are things we do without thinking, a divot we follow mindlessly along the road of life.  Changing a habit requires attention, concentration, and consideration of why that habit needs to be changed in the first place; it implies there’s a better alternative.  In this post we’ll discuss why making good choices for our bodies helps put God at the center of our lives.

In the first place, the body already stands at the center of our lives.  Everything we experience takes place right here.  Our thinking happens in the head, our doing happens in the hands, our seeing happens in the eyes, our growing happens in the stomach- we don’t need a lesson on the uses of different body parts.  But it makes sense that when we look to the body, we’re seeing the center of our life.  Here’s what Paul says in 1 Corinthians:


                                                                                  v. 6:19-20

We all have habits that harm or weaken our body.  As it stands we live with these habits, and though we may want to change, there’s no need- no motivation- good enough to get us there.  Falling into a bad habit again and again is enough to dig us into despair.  It breeds guilt, and hopelessness- probably the two most opposite things to God.  Changing out of habits that hurt our bodies can revamp our efforts at getting to know God, and placing him at our center.

For the sake of example, I’ll give some major habits that hurt my body.  The first is smoking.  A single cigarette parches out my lungs and throat for days- not unreasonably I feel burnt inside.  The feeling permeates my whole body.  I can’t turn my head, or sit up, or even speak without some cottony resistance.  Smoking interrupts all the fluid, natural movements that make life sweet.

The second is junk food.  It’s so easy to eat cheap, low quality, food.  Cooking, vegetables, exercise- these mean sacrifices of time, money, and effort that life seems easier to do without.  Yet if the body is the temple of Christ, then nutritious eating is the lawn service, the janitor, the contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the cleaning service, and everything else that goes into keeping a building shining and standing tall.

For the sake of a totally different example, in Berlin I had a bike that I got for free.  I never chained it up, I rode it through the snow and mud puddles, I popped high curbs.  Three months in my possession and the chain had rusted away, the tires stuck, the gears fell out of place; I eventually just had to abandon it.  My friend lent me his bike in the meantime.  I keep that bike indoors while I’m not riding it.  I stay on smooth road, go around puddles, and lock it obsessively.  I owe my friend all the respect and gratitude in the world for his generosity, and taking care of his bike is the best way to show my appreciation (really the least I can do).

It’s easy to mistreat something we consider our own, especially if it comes for free, or if it’s been around a while.  But quite in fact, our bodies are extraordinarily expensive, one-of-a-kind gifts, which our dad has lent to us with a joyful, hopeful purpose.  “Do you not know that your bodies you received from God, and that you are not your own?”  Our bodies are meant for God’s glory, just like everything else.

Making sacrifices for the health of the body means making sacrifices for the glorification of God.  Resisting the temptation to smoke, or lust, or follow whatever habit brings us down demands that we pay constant attention to our bodies, and in doing so we’re paying constant attention to God.

In the effort to figure out how to make God the center of our lives, let us try re-imagining the body as GOD’s temple on Earth, the tool by which he works here.  Let us think now and try to come up with some things we do to your bodies that we dislike; some bad or nasty habit that leaves us breathless and achy.  Conversely, what habits do we know would make life sweeter but just haven’t picked up yet?  When the time comes to make the choice- should I or shouldn’t I- think of God and use His glory to do what’s good for your body.  His glory can be the motivation we need to change our habits and make our bodies the healthiest, happiest machine it can be.

TIP #2- We put God at the center of our lives by worshiping our bodies and breaking the habits that harm them.


This has been the second installment of the “Putting God at The Center” series.  Follow along next time when we consider how mealtime prayers keep us in line with our goal of putting God at the center of our lives.  Comments, feedback, shares, suggestions, criticisms are always encouraged.


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