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New Project- “Putting God at the Center Series”

The goal of every Christian is to live a God-centered life.  But what does that mean, “God-centered life?”  First thing that comes to mind:  God has to be at the center of my life.  Brilliant deduction.  What’s that mean?  How do I get him there, and what will happen when I do?  What does it look like to have God at the center of my life, and more importantly, what’s there now?

Over the coming weeks Wird Geladen will be be entering into a short series focused on searching the Bible for clues and suggestions on how one can rearrange himself to make God the center of his life- his universe, his existence, his heart.  I invite you to introspect yourself right along with me, and together we will strive to find out exactly what it means if something is at the center of the self.  How is it reflected in behavior, attitude, priorities, desires?  Whatever’s at our center must manifest itself in a stronger way than anything else having to do with us, right?  So what’s already there, and what of those manifestations have we taken for granted and just never noticed before?

We shall peer into our depths with the goal of making sure that God is what we see.  I’m also looking forward to finding out what kinds of things will change about us during this process.  With God at our center what will we want- and not want- anymore?  What doors will open up (see On The Pursuit Of Your Passions for insight into how these things correlate)?  How will our friends/family/strangers view us differently?  How different will we feel, and most importantly what will happen in our relationship with God?

To life a God-centered life, honestly, sounds scary.  I believe that the closer God gets to the center of a life the happier and fuller the life becomes- that being the nature of God- but making God the center of one’s life requires a lot of sacrifices, a lot of decision making toward that end, and some of that, I predict, will be painful.  When you say yes to something you say no to something else.

Luckily Paul talks about just this very topic in First Corinthians, and that seems a great place to start our journey.  Our first post in the “Putting God at the Center” Series is about making sacrifices.  I do not foresee disappointment resulting from this exercise.   With that, we shall commence.

PS- sorry I don’t have a clever name for this whole thing; marketing was never my strong suit.  If you want to suggest a better name than “Putting God at the Center Series” PLEASE do so!  Here’s a picture of some rope.



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